Mobile Application Development

At Django Web Studio, we understand the importance of mobile app development in today's environment. Our experienced mobile app development team offers custom mobile solutions that meet your unique needs and goals. Would you like some advice?

We started mobile development more than 10 years ago doing app and backend development for a building permit inspection platform. This was (and still is) a platform owned by a world-wide consultancy firm for the building industry, and it is used mostly by municipalities. This project is actually a prime example of how we add value to not only the tech side but also the business. On our initiative, we have started a Business & Discovery process with two main goals: to make the platform more up to date, and to expand the business into other areas. The implementation of our ideas will improve the MRR of the platform to two to three times of its current value.

Fast forwards to now; we have taken over, created and maintained multiple mobile applications. There is a wide variety in the types of mobile app solutions we develop. This, together with our years of experience, gives us a great understanding of the mobile application development process and the value mobile applications give to businesses. If you want to make your app idea a reality or improve an existing application, we can help.

Our Mobile App Development Process

When we begin a project, we go through the following steps. This is how we transform your ideas into mobile experiences and collaborate to design a mobile application development roadmap:


Planning & Analysis

Every successful web application starts with a robust plan. We begin by defining your projects key value proposition and understanding the problem you hope to solve. At this stage, we merge your market insights with our technical expertise to co-create an application that reflects your vision and delivers concrete value to your business.


Gathering Requirements

We dive deep into your specific requirements to ensure that every aspect of your app corresponds with your objectives. In these initial stages, our Business & Discovery solution helps us to identify what makes your idea stand out to determine the essential features that will make your mobile app valuable.



Our design process focuses is two-fold, encompassing both the architecture and user interface of your mobile application. The mobile application architecture ensures a robust foundation that meets all of your requirements, maintains stability, and includes essential application security measures. While the user interface design focuses on crafting an intuitive and engaging user experience. In many cases, this phase leads to the creation of a prototype.

Only after the preparations have been concluded can the development process begin. In the following, we describe the steps that will bring us from preparation to the first iteration of the product:



During this coding and implementation phase, our team works hard to bring your idea to reality. Our process is Agile, with features broken down into small chunks of work and regular check-ins with stakeholders to maintain alignment.



Our mobile app developers and quality assurance engineers work closely together to conduct thorough tests that ensure your app's reliability so it’s ready for the market. After all tests have been passed, we will present a demo to stakeholders to gather feedback and make any necessary adjustments.



We then proceed to make your app available to the public, launching it on the appropriate platforms to reach your audience. Our team ensures a smooth rollout, monitoring the launch to address any immediate issues. We have our Team as a Service solution that offers a dedicated, specialised team to bring your idea to life.



A digital product is never done. Our commitment to your app's success continues with ongoing support to keep it updated and running smoothly. We have our Managed Application Services, which includes monitoring and maintenance services that adapt your app to new technologies and user feedback, ensuring that it remains competitive and relevant.

Our Mobile App Developers & Experts

Our staff includes highly qualified and experienced mobile app developers, designers, and project managers which have experience with native, cross-platform and hybrid solutions. The team is up to date with the newest mobile technologies and frameworks, allowing us to provide innovative and future-proof solutions that are suited to your requirements. We commit to delivering quality. That means opting for the best solutions for your users and your organisation, providing logical solutions to complex challenges. The choice of technology may vary whether you're a startup or a large corporation, which is why we always base our approach on your specific business case.

Our mobile development services include:

  • iOS App Development: We specialise in designing user-friendly, feature-rich iOS apps that meet the needs of your company.
  • Android App Development: Our team creates adaptable Android apps that work effortlessly on a wide variety of devices.
  • React Native: Using React Native, we create cross-platform apps that provide a native-like user experience while maintaining consistency and quality.
  • Kotlin: We use Kotlin to build powerful Android applications that are modern and efficient.
  • Flutter/Dart: We use Flutter and Dart to create stunning, natively built applications that deliver a consistent experience across all platforms.

Custom Mobile Applications

Every app is unique, and so are our solutions. At Django Web Studio, we specialise in crafting digital products tailored precisely to your needs, helping you achieve your digital objectives. We design, develop, and maintain reliable and scalable applications that you can count on. Whether you're an ambitious startup or a forward-thinking enterprise, we're here to help. Our expertise is not restricted to only new apps. We also provide mobile application development services for existing apps. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Adding New Features: Introducing new and unique features to keep your app competitive and appealing to consumers.
  • Cross-Platform App Development: Extending your app's reach by adapting it for several platforms, resulting in expanding your audience.
  • Application Redesign: Give your app a fresh look that reflects current trends and user preferences.
  • Application Maintenance: Involves keeping your app up to date, safe, and functional while adapting to new technology standards.

Why choose Django Web Studio for Mobile App Development Services?

We started out as developers before moving into the service industry, which provided us with a unique combination of technical expertise and an excellent understanding of business objectives. Our expertise lies in providing a personalised approach to technology, ensuring that each project is aligned with your long-term objectives. We are interested in forming long-term relationships that expand and grow alongside your company.

Why us?

  • Industry Expertise: Our staff has years of expertise and a thorough understanding of many industry verticals, allowing us to develop apps that offer real business value.
  • Personal Approach: We think that each project is unique. That is why we provide custom mobile apps, taking the time to understand your objectives, target audience, and market.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From concept to launch and beyond, we offer a full range of mobile app development services to ensure an effective journey at all stages.
  • Long-term Partnerships: Everything we create is born from co-creation. You know your target audience better than anyone else, and we have the IT expertise to turn your visions into reality. Together, we make an impact and complement each other perfectly.
  • Proven Track Record: Our portfolio speaks for itself. Our projects, which range from improving the travel experience, to furthering sustainable energy measures, show that we can deliver exceptional results that make a difference.

Ready to make your ideas a reality with an experienced mobile app development service company that truly understands your business and technology?

Explore Our Recent Mobile App Development Projects

Our portfolio includes a varied range of successful mobile app development projects from many industries, including travel and hospitality, renewable energy, and government services. From to, our solutions have helped organisations achieve their objectives by delivering outstanding user experiences.

SRPRSme provides a unique travel experience in which the location is unknown until the day of departure. The traveller specifies preferences, and handles everything from flights to accommodation. The trip begins with an app that hides the destination until just hours before the flight, which brings excitement and spontaneity to travel.

The geluidsverwachting app offers local forecasts for turbine noise and shadow flicker for residents which live near wind turbines. It aims for improved communication and transparency between wind park operators and local communities, allowing them to address concerns more proactively and increase public acceptability of wind energy projects.

This application streamlines inspections by integrating checklists, digital drawings, and photos all on one device, resulting in consistent and transparent inspection quality. It offers the ease of examining building regulations and project standards on-site, making it a user-friendly solution for both new and existing buildings.


EnergyAudits is an internal tool for administering EED Energy Audits, which are critical for businesses required to comply with EU energy directives. Their service simplifies the process, from on-site inspections to report submission, by offering professional advice and ensuring firms fulfil their energy-saving and sustainability targets.

Mobile app development FAQs

Q How do I begin my project?

A: Contact our team with your vision, and we will guide you through our process to bring your ideas to reality.

Q How long does it take to have a fully functional app?

A: The amount of time needed for a fully functional application varies depending on its complexity and features, however we are committed to efficient development without sacrificing quality.

Q: Can you work on existing apps?

A: Yes, we specialise in improving and expanding current apps to match changing business needs and user expectations.

Q: Why choose Django Web Studio for mobile application development services?

A: We started as developers and slowly moved into the service industry. Our strategy is founded on a combination of tech skills and a thorough understanding of business objectives.

Q: What ongoing support and maintenance services are typically offered by mobile application development companies?

A: We offer extensive continuous support, including updates, bug fixes, and new features, to keep your software relevant and reliable. See our Business & Discovery, Team as a Service and Managed Applications Services for more information.

Q: What is the process for mobile app development?

A: We adhere to the Software Development Life Cycle, starting with planning and requirements gathering, through to design, development, testing, and deployment, ensuring a structured and effective path to the success of the app.

Q: Which mobile app is best: native, cross-platform, or hybrid?

A: The best choice depends on your goals, budget, and target audience. Native apps offer high performance and user experience, cross-platform provides broader reach with a single codebase, and hybrid apps blend web and native app features, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Together with you, we choose the best technology stack for your project.