Business & Discovery

At Django Web Studio, we blend the complexity of technology with the simplicity of clear business outcomes. Our Business & Discovery service is not just about the destination; we dive into the heart of your business, mapping out a path that is as clear and straightforward as possible.

In our experience, organisations often grapple with inefficiencies, sometimes not even recognising them. Manual processes, repetitive tasks, and inconsistent workflows can sap productivity and lead to missed opportunities. We can help improve productivity by automating those often error-prone tasks. These are the steps we propose to take:

Building From A Blank Page: The Power of Collaboration

Our approach is deeply collaborative. We start with a blank canvas and, together with a Business & Discovery leader from our side, we bring together key stakeholders from your organisation. Through focus groups, we open up a dialogue that is all about understanding the heart of your business needs. It is a brainstorming session that is as much about listening as it is about proposing. We consider every angle, ensuring that the digital solutions we craft are not just innovative, but perfectly tailored to the specific challenges and objectives of your company.

The Right Minds for the Job

A typical solution we offer encompasses multiple components: a user-friendly application interface, a comprehensive administrative system, and a robust back-end system for communication and data storage. We assemble a team for the execution phase, including a Chief Technology Officer to architect your digital roadmap, a Product Owner to keep your vision clearly in the teams sights, and a Designer to ensure that the form matches the function. This is your personal dream team, a dedicated unit within Django Web Studio that is as invested in your project as you are.

Iterative Discovery

Our process is iterative and agile. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions or rushing to conclusions. Every step is methodical, from the brainstorming sessions to the detailed crafting of user stories and developer tasks. We work in sprints, each delivering a piece of the puzzle, ensuring that with each iteration, the solution becomes more refined and more aligned with your needs.

Visibility at Every Step

Every step of our process is collaborative. We believe in working alongside our clients, understanding their concerns, and co-creating solutions. This partnership ensures that the final product is not just technologically advanced but also resonates with the core values and needs of your organisation.

Our Key Deliverables to Guide Your Digital Journey


Business Case — The “Why” Behind the “What”

We start by getting to the heart of why you are considering a digital project in the first place. What is it going to do for your business? We will lay it out so clearly that anyone, tech-savvy or not, will get it. This is where we make sure that the tech we are proposing is worth your time and money.


Project Plan

We map out our strategies in a way everyone can understand. Our plans are transparent, setting out step-by-step what we will do to bring your vision to life.


Ballpark Estimate

Understanding the scope of investment is crucial for any company before committing to a project. With Django Web Studio, you will not be left in the dark. We provide a ballpark estimate to give you a quick, yet clear understanding of the projects scale — without the need to delve into the weeds. It is about making informed decisions with ease and getting everyone aligned on the projects potential impact.


Value Proposition Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is more than just a presentation; it is the narrative of your projects benefits and potential. Our Value Proposition Pitch Deck is designed for those who prefer a visual summary. Tailored for stakeholders and potential investors, it turns the project scope into a story. Adhering to the 10-20-30 rule — no more than 10 slides, a 20-minute duration, and 30 key points — our pitch deck delivers a high-level view of our shared vision, the strategic approach, and the compelling value proposition we aim to deliver.

With Django Web Studio as your digital partner, together, we facilitate brainstorming sessions, helping to cut through the noise and hone in to what is essential. We are here to help you pause, reflect, and collaboratively craft a strategy that leverages opportunities.