How Automating Bookings Enhanced Efficiency and Operational Excellence, an online travel agency, offers surprise trips where customers select their travel dates and preferences. handles the bookings and provides hints about the destination before departure which brings back the spontaneity in travel. Previously, their booking process was manual and time-consuming for the operations department.

The Challenge faced significant challenges in managing trip bookings manually. The process was labour-intensive, requiring extensive time and effort from the operations team. As bookings increased, the system became a bottleneck, hindering scalability. Additionally, the manual process was prone to errors, affecting booking accuracy and overall margins.

  • Labor-Intensive Process: Booking trips manually required extensive time and effort from the operations team.
  • Scalability Issues: As bookings increased, the manual process became a bottleneck, hindering scalability.
  • Error-Prone: Manual handling increased the risk of errors, impacting booking accuracy and overall margins.

The Solution

Django Web Studio leveraged its travel industry expertise to develop an auto-booking system for Automating 80% of the booking process aimed to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Our solution integrated advanced APIs for real-time flight and hotel bookings and implemented business rules to streamline operations. This approach reduced manual workloads and ensured seamless, scalable booking management..

  • Auto-Booking Flow: Implemented rules-based logic to categorize bookings into green (auto-book), orange (pending), and red (manual book) categories. Created background tasks to check booking eligibility and execute bookings automatically.
  • Integration with Amadeus and Travellanda: Integrated the Amadeus API for flight searches, using a PYTON cache for low-cost flights. Integrated Travellanda for hotel bookings, creating a custom cache for real-time price availability on the website.
  • Business Rules Implementation: Defined rules for booking flights and hotels, considering factors such as destination, margin, and travel dates to ensure efficient and more profitable bookings.

The Impact

The auto-booking system brought notable operational improvements for Automating the majority of booking tasks significantly reduced manual workload, minimised errors, and enhanced overall efficiency. This automation enabled to handle a larger volume of bookings, supporting business growth while maintaining high service quality and operational excellence.

  • Increased Efficiency: Automated 80% of the bookings, reducing manual workload and minimising errors. Enabled real-time price checks and bookings through integration with Amadeus and Travellanda.
  • Operational Excellence: Streamlined booking processes, reducing time and costs associated with manual bookings. Freed up resources, allowing the team to focus on strategic growth and customer service.
  • Higher Margins: Early bookings secured lower flight prices, and reduced human errors led to higher margins per booked order.
  • Scalability: The system can handle increased booking volumes as the business grows, ensuring consistent service quality.

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