How Enhancing Search Functionality and Speed Boosted User Engagement

ConceptNet (CCNET) is a vital marketing database utilised by Postcode Loterij and its associated lotteries, including VriendenLoterij N.V., People’s Postcode Lottery, Svenska PostkodLotteriet, Norsk Postkode Lotteri, and Deutsche Postcode Lotterie. This database houses all marketing activities across various channels, serving as an invaluable resource for employees.

The Challenge

The existing search functionality in ConceptNet was outdated and inefficient, resulting in multiple issues:

  • Search Inefficiency: Users struggled to find relevant information quickly due to the lack of advanced search features.
  • Slow Load Times: Results pages loaded slowly, causing frustration and decreased productivity.
  • User Experience: The overall user experience was suboptimal, necessitating modern search capabilities and faster response times.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Django Web Studio undertook a comprehensive upgrade of ConceptNet’s search functionality and performance. A key part of the solution was integrating OpenSearch to enhance search capabilities. The project included several key components:

Enhanced Search Functionality:

  • Google-Like Search Experience: Implemented features such as auto-complete, “did-you-mean” suggestions, and storing recent searches to make the search process more intuitive.
  • OpenSearch Integration: Leveraged OpenSearch to provide powerful and flexible search capabilities, improving data indexing and retrieval.
  • Backend and Frontend Integration: Developed an API to improve data handling, compatible with both current Django templates and potential future React frontend upgrades.

Improved Load Speed:

  • Optimised Backend Processing: Enhanced data processing and retrieval methods to reduce load times significantly.
  • Frontend Optimization: Implemented lazy loading and pagination strategies to improve performance during page transitions and ensure quick access to search results.

User Experience Enhancements:

  • Dynamic Search Bar: Designed a collapsible search bar that adapts to user actions, conserving screen space and improving usability.
  • Widgets and Local Storage: Created widgets for multi-select options and integrated local storage to keep track of recent searches, enhancing repeat search efficiency.

The Impact

The implementation of these enhancements resulted in notable improvements:

  • Faster Search Results: Page load times reduced to under 5 seconds, with an ideal load time of 2 seconds, enhancing user productivity.
  • Improved Search Relevance: Advanced search features ensured users found relevant information quickly, even with slight keyword variations.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The dynamic and intuitive search interface improved overall usability and user satisfaction.

By enhancing ConceptNet’s search functionality and performance, Django Web Studio significantly improved the user experience. The enhancements led to quicker access to relevant information, increased user satisfaction, and a more efficient workflow.

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