Written byBrian WestmaasBrian is the Product Manager at Django Web Studio

Team as a Service: Your Personal Software Development Dream Team

When it comes to bringing your digital ideas to life, nothing beats having a team that gets it. That is where Django Web Studio Team as a Service (TaaS) comes in. Think of us as your tech team, offering you a dedicated, specialised, and cohesive team right at your fingertips!

3 minsSep 24, 2023

Getting started:

Our commitment is to set clear expectations. We kick things off by getting to the heart of what you need. That is why we begin by aligning the Value Proposition of the project with your business objectives, ensuring our strategy is spot-on.

It is all about setting clear goals and mapping out exactly how we will get there. Our process is methodical: we craft detailed User Stories that outline the users journey, ensuring every feature resonates with the Value Proposition. We then break down these User Stories into clear developer tasks, removing any uncertainty about what is required.

By adopting theSoftware Estimation Technique from Jacob Kaplan-Moss, we measure each task against complexity and uncertainty to forecast effort. This is paired with a transparent commercial offer that promises financial clarity, capped at a 15% maximum overrun, giving you a solid grasp of the projects scope.


Once the blueprint is set, the creation begins. Our deliverables are structured in manageable modules, typically not exceeding 300 hours, aligning with Agile principles for adaptability and quality. With TaaS, our primary deliverables include a deployment to staging- where our QA engineers rigorously test against predefined acceptance criteria. After passing these tests, we transition to the acceptance environment, inviting you to a pre-production test drive. Your approval initiates the final rollout for the final deployment, presenting your application to the world.

Our Assurance:

We understand that the road to perfection is ongoing. That's why we back our work with a pledge: if any issues arise within three weeks of launch that do not match the predefined User Stories and acceptance criteria, we'll address them promptly and at no additional cost.

Your TaaS Dream Team:

  • CTO: The strategist, mapping out the technological roadmap to success.
  • Product Owner: The voice of your vision within our team, translating needs into actionable plans.
  • Project Manager: Your projects navigator, ensuring a smooth journey from conception to launch.
  • Backend Developer: The architect of your apps core, building it sturdy and secure.
  • Frontend Developer: The artist who brings your apps interface to life, balancing beauty and function.
  • Technical Writer: The one who documents your journey, making it comprehensible for everyone.
  • DevOps: The orchestrator of code and infrastructure, ensuring seamless operations.
  • SecOps: Your guard, keeping the application impenetrable.
  • Quality Assurance: The detail-oriented tester, upholding the gold standard of user experience.
  • Designer: The visionary who ensures your app not only works well but also wows visually.

Wrapping Up:

Choosing our TaaS is not just hiring a team; it is like adding a whole new department to your company. We are the people in your corner, ready to turn your concept into something real and spectacular. Let's make something great together.