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We have been doing the website for the Dutch department of this international NGO since the beginning of 2017. The preamble to the actual building of the site -- going through the process of brainstorming, conceptualising and designing -- was organised by us, and then we built the website based on the excellent DjangoCMS. We have been helping the content managers create content, and we have been launching new features on a regular basis. Just recently this included a feature to help manage submissions for the yearly conference.

The website is set up as a showcase of the work of the approx. 30 clubs in the Netherlands, Curacao and Surinam do for good causes throughout the world. In addition to the main pages, each club has its own set of pages that can be freely edited and added to by club content managers. Also, there is a private section, accessible only to users who log in through a bespoke remote authentication. This is all done based the system of plugins and permissions provided by DjangoCMS that we have customised.

We implemented the following techniques for this project:

  • Django: Django is an advanced web application framework, written in Python. Django incorporates a great number of features, enabling developers to develop websites and web applications very quickly and efficiently. We save our clients time and money by getting up to speed quickly using Django.
  • jQuery: jQuery is one javascript libraries that started the Web2.0 revolution around 2005, and to date, one of the most popular. We wouldn't know what to do without it (we would then probably need to write it). jQuery enables consistent cross-browser user experience with far less effort and expense, including AJAX support.
  • Google maps: Google Maps is of course the ubiquitous solution for online mapping. We do any number of Google Maps implementations, including API implementation in conjunction with Django's extensive support of PostGIS.
  • ElasticSearch: ElasticSearch is a powerful indexer and search engine based on Apache Solr. We use ElasticSearch where the requirement is to search the website as one would search in Google.
  • PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL is slightly less well-known than MySQL, but very mature and capable database server. Also includes a number of features that MySQL lacks.
  • Bootstrap: Django Web Studio uses the interface framework Bootstrap to be able to build responsive web interfaces quickly and efficiently. Note the word "responsive". Modern websites are equally usable on a smartphone, tablet and desktop, laptop and notebook.
  • Mollie Payments: Mollie is an online payment provider specialising in Dutch payment systems.
  • DjangoCMS: django CMS is a user-friendly system with a powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It's designed around the needs of multi-lingual publishing, and has built-in tools for SEO. The system is easy to use, and its rich feature set makes it the go-to choice for content managers and marketers.

Client: Unie van Soroptimistclubs van Nederland, Suriname

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